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What is a Food Commercial Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a facility that has been approved by the state's Health Department and is also USDA and/or FDA certified. A commercial kitchen is a facility able to cook and manufacture food in large quantities for restaurants or meets the state inspections and requirements to co-pack foods for small enterprises or start-up individuals. A commercial kitchen can also private label their food products by request.

Henry Riojas, owner of Henry's Dream commercial kitchen located in Houston Texas, can guide you step by step:
* copyright and trademark requirements regarding food labels. 
* each start-up recipe and product must go through shelf life and nutritional properties which must be approved by an FDA Process Authority (Henry uses Texas A&M University and Dr. Al Wagner - the Process Authority for our area here in Houston, Texas).
* contacting the Uniform Code Council for a UPC code. 
* recipe test batches.
* locating a distributor.

Because of the potential for some foods to cause botulism (a potentially fatal illness), the food processing method and recipe formulations must be reviewed by an FDA expert and the facility must be registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

We will custom manufacture salsas, sauces, gourmet spices, specialty dips, jams and jellies, condiments of any type. Contact us via emai: or call our office: 713.728.3333 to schedule and discuss making your dream come true - your product on a store shelf!
Beginning in September 2019: we are a licensed commercial kitchen for copacking CBD products.

Food Co-Packing
How often have you heard someone say to you "Oh this is so good, you should sell it in the stores!" Co packing refers to the processing of a food product by a food manufacturer other than the originator of the said food product. Examples of co-packing are outside contracting and private label.

Any food company or private individual interested in producing their own product must meet state and federal health regulations and standards as well as the time and costs associated with getting a kitchen up to code. In addition to regulations regarding the kitchen facility, there are also city zoning lawns that might restrict certain business activities on such property. 

If you wish to have a food product manufactured but do not want to do your own processing or have the capabilities to manufacture a food product, co-packing in an FDA Approved commercial kitchen may be a good option. In this arrangement, you would contract with an existing food manufacturer with a commercial kitchen, to run your product according to your production and quality control specifications. Henry's Dream Distributors, LLC co-packing capabilities make it easy to offer more brands in different categories. Located in Houston, Texas, the commercial kitchen facility can offer co-packing your existing products to your exact specifications. We can also help you develop new products. In either case, complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Rules for Licensure of Manufacturer of Food and Wholesale Distributors of Food Including Good Manufacturing Practices 229.183 (a) (3) states "No Manufacturing of foods shall be conducted in any room used as living or sleeping quarters. All manufacturing operations shall be separated from any living or sleeping quarters by complete partitioning."