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Tejano Salsa Verde Medium - 16 oz.


Tejano Salsa Verde - medium 16oz.
We nicknamed our healthy avocado base salsa "Texas Greenhorn" that is, until you can graduate to the hot, at which time you'll become a GreenGo! The flavor of our green salsa will quickly become a favorite. All natural, no preservatives, how could you go wrong!

tomatillos, onions, red bell peppers, avocado, cilantro, salt, lemon juice, sugar, serranos, spices.

Ways to use Tejano Salsa Verde:
A taco-topper for sure! It's also great for spiking your homemade chili - just add to your taste. Over morning eggs, pour in a bowl and serve as a dip with tortilla chips,

Nutrition Facts - 2Tbsp (30g)
Calories        10
Total Fat        0g
Cholesterol   0g
Sodium         90mg
Total Carbs     2mg
         Fiber      0g
        Sugars    0g
Protein            0g  

There are some fruits that are used so often in flavorful dishes that we tend to think of them as vegetables. Tomatoes seem to be the most popular one however, the avocado, bell peppers and chiles are also in the category of fruits. Mexico seems to have more than its fair share of these fruit vegetables, including the tomatillo (often referred to as the Mexican green tomato). It is believed that the Aztecs introduced the avocado seedlings to Mexico during the 13th & 14th centuries, calling it "ahuacatl". There are several varieties of avocado. Most are the pear-shaped and contain a central pit. The indigenous Mexican avocado has fragrant green flesh around a large pit. The Hass avocado has creamy flesh and a very good flavor. The is also one more type called the fuerte avocado, which has glossy green skin and yellow-green flesh.